X-rays & Gamma rays passed from Material, expose the film & forms shadow type image.This technique able to detect surface, sub-surface & internal flaws (defects). It generates permanent record on the radiographic film.This method is being used worldwide for weld inspection.


  • This is a course suitable for all who require an in depth knowledge of the radiographic interpretation     of welds. The course concentrates on the identification of weld defects, assessment of radiographic     quality and sentencing to example specifications.


  • Properties and production of X and gamma rays
  • The formation of a latent image
  • Radiographic film
  • Development and processing
  • Assessment and measurement of radiographic quality
  • Interpretation of films
  • Relevant standards
  • Reporting method
  • Material technology
  • Assessment of discontinuities
  • Acquaintance with the relevant equipment (viewer, densitometer, etc.)
  • Interpretation of films from the International Institute of Welding and DVS
  • Location and assessment of discontinuities
  • Report